Softspace is an AR project room for designers and researchers that shows you the full shape of your ideas.

Our computers have never been more powerful. Yet we still use them by clicking around inside a glowing rectangular screen. How well computers can help us develop ideas, uncover insights, or invent new things is no longer limited by processing power. Instead, the bottleneck is now their small, flat user interfaces. We think it’s time for a new paradigm. Softspace uses AR to give thinkers and makers a radically better tool for problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration.


Softspace is a spatial application that runs on AR headsets like the Quest Pro. Augmented reality lets you work with digital content while staying grounded in your physical environment. To interact with Softspace, you just need your hands and a bluetooth keyboard.



Organize, develop, and share your ideas in an immersive virtual workspace. We took a first-principles approach to designing a 3D UI that fully engages your innate powers of spatial perception, reasoning, and memory.



Data portability means your work doesn't get stuck in the headset. Under the hood, each Softspace workspace is a collection of familiar files, like markdown, images, and PDFs. This makes it easy to import from and export to other tools and cloud storage services.



Get on the same page, whether you’re a desk apart or an ocean apart. Personalized, expressive avatars in Softspace let teams, clients, and collaborators feel like they’re truly working together—from anywhere.

*Coming soon!


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We're a group of tool-makers and tool-users who were surprised to find that something like Softspace didn't exist yet—and weren’t going to wait for someone else to create it. Read our origin myth here.

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