SoftspaceVR is a virtual memory palace for all your creative projects.

SoftspaceVR is a new kind of tool for productivity, creativity, collaboration, and knowledge management. It's a beautiful virtual workspace where you always have room to do your best work. Fill it with the research and ideas that form the heart of any creative project, then invite your clients and collaborators to step into your mind—from anywhere.

"Feels like you've got something incredible - like I'm opening a Notion-level product in VR." —S.
“It honestly feels like what I imagine people felt when they saw spreadsheets on a computer, or a sophisticated word processor, for the first time." —A.
"I can't recommend this app enough. All in all, I think it's one of the top VR apps out there and the user experience and attention to detail is second to none." —B.

Get started with SoftspaceVR:

  1. Create a Softspace account using the Companion App.
  2. Install Softspace v2020.1.X for Oculus Quest or SteamVR.
  3. Follow the Quick Start Tutorial to get up and running.


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